Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This Contains Shameless Self-Promotion and Also Dinosaurs.

Just found the song I'm going to dance to at my wedding! Who wants to marry me? I'm not married enough.

Guys, I discovered something really exciting while talking to Bestfriend on Facebook the other day. If you're an avid user of this :D emoticon, prepare to get your face blown off your face. If you add an extra D to it, like this: D:D, it's actually a siamese twins emoticon, and one is happy and one is sad. Wait for it, though. It gets funnier if you actually picture two baby siamese twins attached by the tops of their heads with one set of eyes and one is crying hysterically and the other one just saw its first cupcake or boob. It's funny, right? Maybe it's only funny after three sodas and a five hour marathon of America's Next Top Model.

I hung out with my little sister tonight. She's seven. She told me that dinosaurs are cute and awesome and also that I'm really weird, so pretty much she's right on base. If you were wondering how dinosaurs came up in the conversation (which you probably aren't, but I'm all prepared to tell you anyways, so I'm just going to do it), we were eating dinosaur chicken nuggets. Good news, they were actually chicken and not BREADED FUCKING TURKEY like they were in This Post! Also, I just really like to talk about dinosaurs. Probably disc one of my life will just be 18 years of me impersonating dinosaurs and begging for fruit snacks in the grocery store (I outgrew that phase. My mom told me to quit it yesterday, so I've moved on); the director's commentary is just going to be me sitting there, repeatedly saying, "Yeah, I don't know."

This post isn't about anything in particular. It was kind of just a clever attempt to make you guys like me more before I tell you that I got a TWITTER and my username is SKlones and you should totally FOLLOW ME or else I'll cry and probably throw a dinosaur chicken nugget at you or something. Click here for more dinosaurs. I'm like, all about dinosaurs tonight, aren't I? That's cool. Just to thank you for putting up with me, here's a picture of a funfetti cake that Bestfriend and I made with the full intention of making it as ugly as possible:
It says "Happy Birthday Floyd from Accounting!"

We made up Floyd from Accounting.