Saturday, October 23, 2010

Microwave ice cream: Terrible, or Stupid? Both!

So I wrote this last night around 2 am, and I would've posted it right then, except for the fact that I was using my iPod to type it, and my iPod won't let me write anything on Blogspot, so I just had to write this on some dumb document app, and then transfer it onto my computer today. Anyways, see if this makes any sense to you. I'm at a loss. I just sort of get tired and write random words, hoping they'll make up sentences that actually make sense...

Is it bad that I thought it would be a great idea to microwave my ice cream so I wouldn't have to chew it? I can't decide what's worse: the fact that I am now basically eating mint chocolate chip yogurt (which I still have to chew, by the way... Stupid chocolate chips), or the sheer stupidity and laziness behind my actions. Really, is there an actual disorder that causes laziness? Because I think I have it.

Around 8:30 tonight, I realized I was thirsty. Two hours later, I still hadn't done anything about it. I guess I figured if I ignored my thirstiness long enough, it would just sort of go away, because I think I've done that in the past and it's worked. Although there's a lot of stuff that I think I've done, like succesfully do a load of laundry without my mother's help, or cook any sort of food without it coming out tasting at least faintly like cat litter; neither of which have actually happened. Anyways, this ignoring my thirsiness tactic sadly did not work... but gosh darn it, I was going to keep trying... That is, until I got to the point where my thirst was actually beginning to feel painful. I'm not sure how that works, but it does. So I decided to finally overcome my laziness (for the time being) and go get a drink. I think I swallowed a half gallon of juice in under a minute. And that is the exact moment when I realized that juice can, in fact, change your life.

So now it's 2:14 am, and I'm sitting up by myself, eating mint chocolate chip yogurt ice cream soup, watching an episode of That 70's Show that I've seen at least 4 times. This also involves watching the same Degrassi commercials every 10 minutes since I'm watching this oh-so-exciting rerun on TeenNick (which puts me in such a foul mood that I feel the need to run over every 10-13 year old girl.) ...Anything to avoid the commercials for horror movies on any other TV channel... So you can imagine how awesome I feel sitting here alone in the middle of the night, eating microwaved ice cream, watching 25% That 70's Show and 75% Degrassi commercials. Meanwhile, I could be doing something productive, like working on my senior demo project, or writing up my Human Biology lab, or sleeping, perhaps. Sleep would help, since Bestfriend is coming over tomorrow morning, and will literally come over with an airhorn and a megaphone if I'm not ready by then.

All this talk of sleeping makes it sound pretty appealing, so I think I'm going to attempt to try this whole "sleeping thing" that most normal people do, so I'll post this tomorrow (Since I'm writing this on my iPod which won't let me online, currently. And sorry if there's any spelling mistakes... it's challenging attempting to write entire blog posts on an iPod, but once again, laziness sort of takes over, and laying on my couch trying to write a whole blog post on a little iPod screen seems a whole lot more appealing than typing it at the computer, where I have to sit up in a chair and everything... Life is hard.

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